PlayPal- Kids Toy Storage Bag

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The perfect playmate for keeping a tidy household

Tired of stepping on left out toys around the room? Now you donƒ??t have to clean after your kidƒ??s playtime. Bongohag is the perfect play mat for outdoor and indoor activity.

?ÿPlayPal ensures toys will never get scattered around the house again. When the kids are done playing simply slide the toys from the mat into the bag and pour them on the mat and watch the magic happen.

?ÿThis convenient tool allows cleanup in seconds and stores all the toys in one place. Itƒ??s 9ƒ?� tall with a 4ƒ?� diameter itƒ??s the perfect portable playing mat for young children.

?ÿIf you're looking for convenience and less clean up after the kids are done playing then this is the product for you. Save huge messes and huge headaches.


Keeping a tidy house-?ÿNo more scattered toys around the rooms. PlayPal keeps everything in order. Saving you the huge clean up afterward

?ÿConvenient- Saving you time and effort from the constant scattered messes. Simply roll it out pull the strings and voila!! the mess is gone in seconds.

Durable & Large Capacity- Can hold plenty of toys even the heaviest of ones. Super stretchy so it doesn't break and extra storage space to hold everything.