Hide-&-Seek Feeder

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This educational pet bowl is designed to train pets the sense of smell and ability to find food through playing Hide-&-Seek with them. You can hide food in the holes and cover them with the lid and then let your pet smell and find the food, which can keep pets happy and healthy. 

Here is why you would love this!

  • MENTALLY STIMULATE YOUR DOG: This food-dispensing dog toy keeps dogs mentally and physically active while they play, reduce destructive behavior,, and no matter how pets roll it, it still stands up.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE IQ TREAT BALL: Your furry friend gets smarter as they play with this interactive dog toy ball, learning how to roll the ball to get treats to fall out. Adjust the desired difficulty level using the ball’s adjustable interior disc.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Our interactive treat dispensing dog toys is made from disassembling hard plastic pieces that easy for cleaning, suggest washing it with warm soapy water, and wipe out the remaining water before use.
  • SLOWER HEALTHIER FEEDING: With an internal maze-type blocking device, this dog treat dispensing ball is designed to limit the number of treats, put food into the container and let pets enjoy interactive eating and slow feed. It is an ideal pet food container for dogs and cats to help their digestion. Supervised play recommended.
  • ADDING POINT: Training skills, extra exercise will help recovery, in-door activity will make up for the less out-door opportunity. suitable for all ages, support taking pills,fasten the usage of dog food.